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Diversity Consulting will help cultivate Diversity and Inclusion in your workplace for long-term success

Diversity is a grassroots movement. What you reap in the long-term, is a product of what you seed and how you nurture and grow it. Here’s how we can help:


    • Provide a getting started checklist
    • Reviewing and accessing D&I policies
    • Reviewing examples of alternative D&I Strategies to explore what suits your organisation
    • Access to a D&I strategy template
    • Identifying priorities
    • Auditing the Diversity & Inclusion work you are undertaking
    • Assistance in building and supporting the business case alongside your internal resources
    • Advice and Consultancy on understanding the Diversity Opportunity
    • Creating ‘fit for purpose’ Diversity and Inclusion Strategies/Plans
    • Work with Diversity Councils and Committees to build capability
    • Assistance and consultancy to develop policy and implement it
    • Keep Diversity programmes on track to meet organisational objectives
    • Measuring what matters


    • Setting up an inhouse programme
    • Seeking the resources and support to getting started
    • How and why Mentoring programmes are successful
    • Access to specialist services for training Mentors
    • Training your Mentors
    • Matching Mentees with Mentors
    • Sharing activities between mentors and mentees
    • Mentoring to grow a team of organisational diversity champions for long-term progress

Award entries

    • Determine relevant categories based on consultation
    • Advice on gathering suitable metrics, evidence and testimonials
    • Assisting with awards submissions

Education & Training

  • Customised facilitated sessions in your workplace
    – An introduction to Unconscious Bias
    – Overview of Diversity & Inclusion
    in NZ
    – Creating a respectful workplace
    – Supporting our Aging Workforce
    – Building & supporting your Aspiring Female Leaders
    – Building Cultural Intelligence in your organisation
  • In-house delivery:
    – From 90mins to 3hrs – POA
  • Online Learning Module: – interactive
    – (45min), webinar – POA
  • Identifying and training your internal diversity champions
  • Working with your Diversity lead
    • Online learning modules available to reinforce messaging to your greater organisation

Keynote Speaking

Presentations on the New Zealand context of Diversity and Inclusion can be provided for conferences, summits, forums etc;

Topics of interest:

  • How Diversity and Inclusion benefits business
  • How to build your female talent pipeline
  • Mitigating Unconscious bias
  • The future of work – the value of our Aging workers

At your request these presentations are prepared with; Powerpoint slides* Video content – sound*

  • Include those listed above*Costs vary based on time and requirements
  • Exclude travel costs (flights, taxi’s) and disbursements


When our organisation commenced its diversity journey in 2014 we started with a policy & a blank sheet of paper.  Bev was fundamental in providing us with guidance around how we could develop a strategy and a workplan to engage with the business and create an understanding on why a focus on diversity & inclusion was critical to achieving our vision and position us to respond to fundamental changes in our industry.  We believe diversity & inclusion sparks innovation and challenges traditional ways of thinking.  The support Bev provided us was fundamental in not only enabling us to win awards but challenged us to recognise further gaps and maintain the momentum of our diversity & inclusion programme.

Paul McCloskey Group Manager Human Resources, Vector Ltd

As a small business with a commitment to Diversity and Inclusion, Bev has provided us with the kind of guidance and support that can only be given by someone who is truly immersed and invested in the sector. On a personal level as a woman Bev has inspired me as a leader with her knowledge, integrity, honesty and compassion.  Coffee Educators and Able Coffee Collaborative look forward to being a part of the continued impact Bev has on our communities and wider society in NZ.

Claire Mathieson Founder & Boss Lady of Coffee Educators

Bev’s clear personal passion for diversity and inclusion, coupled with her ability to confidently present that perspective in a compelling, business-appropriate, way really help in getting the issues that matter noticed.

Adrienne Miller General Manager, Corporate Services, Watercare

I have had the pleasure of enjoying a long partnership with Bev on many Diversity initiatives and have found her passion, commitment and leadership in the Diversity & Inclusion space inspiring.

Martin King Global General Manager, People and Culture, Magic Memories

The issues of Diversity and Inclusion have become real issues for the Business community and Public Service over the last decade. Bev will work with your organisation in a way that ensures behaviour changes that reflect todays values and consequences that demonstrate those changes make good business and institutional sense.

Michael Barnett Chief Executive, Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Bev has been a great advisor, challenger and encourager of all our Diversity and Inclusion activity, from the work on strategy to the programmes we delivered and the support and training we needed. The real difference Bev has brought was to see the whole world of Diversity and Inclusion but also to be practical and realistic on what really counts.

Antony Welton Human Resources Director, Vodafone NZ

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